Taxi No. 105! Hyderabad taxista de Rs 17,805 tráfico challan cuotas

HYDERABAD: Not Just One Or Two, They Increased 104 Challans Against His Name By Committing Several Traffic Infractions. After Rao Parked His Taxi In A" No Parking" Zone At The Crossroad Of IIIT In Gachibowli On Tuesday, The Challan Count Up To 105 With Unpaid Fines That Increased Up To Rs 17.805.

The Private Taxi Driver's Vehicle Was Seized And A Charge Sheet Was Presented In Which He Had Failed To Pay His Shawl's Fees. The Cyberabad Traffic Police Said That Rao Will Have To Appear Before The Court, Which Will Decide The Amount Of Punishment. A Charge Sheet Is Presented If The Owner Of A Vehicle Has More Than 10 Challans Pending Against It.

Senior Gachibowli Said The Taxi, Which Was Registered To Rao's Name, Was Captured At The Crossing Of IIIT." Rao Parked The Vehicle In A No Parking Area. When A Yes Traffic Verified (PDA), It Was Found That Rao Has 104 Pending Challans," Said K Ramulu, Inspector Of The Gachibowli Transit Police. The Challans De Rao Continued Increasing Since February Of This Year, Said A Police Officer.

The Challan De Rao Reserve Approaches Soon After Catching Chera Venkatesh, Who Was Caught In The Jagdish Market By The Abids Transit Police On May 4. The Owner Of The Two-wheeled Vehicle Was Pending Against Him With Fines Of $ 16,390 As Of July 2016.

In A Shocking Revelation, An RTI Consultation Shows That Traffic Offenders Accumulated An Amazing Arrears Account Of 62,94,18,750 Rs Towards Unpaid Fines Until January Of This Year.

The Figures Also Reveal That Two-wheeled Vehicles In The City Have Chasms Pending Rs 53,25,22,590, While Car Owners Must The Hyderabad Transit Police 5.01,88,675.