Trump invoca el privilegio ejecutivo para cortar el acceso a un informe Mueller no redactado

WASHINGTON: Do Not Want Americans To See Mueller's Complete Report On Russia's Interference In US Elections UU., Although Not Drafted, Although Affirms That Absolved. He Does Not Want The Public To See His Tax Records And Has Done Everything Possible To Retain Them, Even Though He Says He Has Nothing To Hide. He Does Not Want His Aides And Cabinet Members To Testify Before Congress Despite His Constitutional Obligation To Do So. Above All, He Talks About Serving Beyond His Normal Term And Has Suggested That He Will Not Accept Any Election Results That Do Not Give Him A Second Mandate.

The Confrontation Between The Democrats That Control The US Congress UU And A President Who Believes In The Undominated Authority Of The White House Did Another Dangerous Turn On Wednesday, When President Trump Affirmed The" Executive Privilege" Of Denying US Legislators Access To Mueller's Complete Report. The White House Movement Produced Shortly Before The House Of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Led By The Democrats, Meets To Vote And Retain Attorney General William Barr For Contempt For Not Providing The Full Report Of Mueller Saying That It's Your Right Of Review.

Last Month, Barr Released A Redacted Version Of 448 Pages Of The Mueller Report That Did Not Find A Conspiracy Between The Campaign Of Trump And Russia, While Affirming Moscow Interfered In The 2016 Elections. But It Also Identified 10 Instances Of Possible Obstruction Of Justice By Trump While He Was Kicking The Congress To Act Accordingly.

But The White House Argued That Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler And His Democratic Associates Were Trying To" Redo" Mueller's Investigation To Distract The Country From The Growing Economy." In The Face Of President Nadler's Flagrant Abuse Of Power, And At The Request Of The Attorney General, The President Has No Other Option Than To Make An Affirmation Of Protection," The White House Said." Neither The White House Nor Attorney General Barr Will Comply With Illegal And Reckless Demands Of President Nadler."

The Reproach Enraged The Democrats, Who Have Been Divided Up On Whether To Challenge Trump. Appeared Pushing The Party More Towards Political Judgment To The President, With The Leader Of The Party And The Speaker Of The House Of Representatives Nancy Pelosi , Who Initially Was Reluctant To Follow The Path Of The Accusation Because He Believes He Will Only Help Trump In The Elections, And Said That The Words And Actions Of The President Now Led To" Political Self-judgment." Nadler, For His Part, Said That The White House Has No Precedent, To Say That If It Is Not Controlled, It Would Mean The End Of The Congress Supervision, A Precious American Ideal.

Although Republicans United Behind Trump In What Now Has Become A Deep Partisan Congress.

The Dispute Over Access To Mueller's Uncensored Report, Which Some Democrats Suspect Contains More Than What Was Revealed, Even Arrived When Trump Continued To Stop Scrutinizing His Financial Affairs, Qualifying Efforts To Investigate His History In A Witch-hunt . However, Those Continuous Failures Lit Up Even More When The New York Times Acquired Ten Years Of Trump's Tax Registry Since The 1980s, Which Demonstrates That It Had Declared Losses For More Than $ 1 Billion.

The Suggestion That He Was Not A Successful Entrepreneur While Boasting, Made Trump Become Enraged. Qualifying The Report That His Businesses Lost More Than $ 1,000 Million From 1985 To 1994" Highly Inaccurate" , Trump Argued That Losses Were" Non-Monetary," And Real Estate Developers Like Him During That Period Had The Right To Receive" Amortizations Mass And Depreciation." " For Fiscal Effects

" You Always Wanted To Show Losses For Tax Purposes" And" Renegotiate With Banks," Trump Wrote On Twitter, Calling It" Sport."

For Some Critics, Such Admission, And Calling It Sport, It Was Equal To Play With The System. But Trump's Republican Faithful Stand Firm Behind The President. Recent Surveys Show That Very Little Support Has Lost Between Its Basis, Which Makes Some Experts Wonder If Democrats Should Waste Energy To Try To Reason With Trump Voters In Central America, To Those Who Can Not Do Anything, Even If It Does. , They Will Continue Supporting Because Of Their Deep Antipathy Towards Traditional Settlement.

Republican Legislators Are So To The Margin Of Trump Control Over The Electorate In Central America That Even Those Who Distrust Their Personality And Their Treatments Have Fallen On The Line. Republican Leader Mitch McConnell For Example, A" Closed Case" Was Declared With Respect To The Mueller Report And The Democrats Were Asked To Follow, Despite The Fact That The American Public And Its Representatives Did Not Know The Full Content Of The Report, Except What Trump And His Advisers Have Done. Published.