70 railway and road projects worth Rs 48,782 to increase port connectivity: Mandaviya

New Delhi, December 12 () To increase port connectivity, the government has undertaken 70 highway and railroad projects worth Rs.7,782 million, Parliament said Thursday.

Of the 70 projects, 55 are rail connectivity projects, Shipping Minister of State Mansukh Lal Mandaviya told Lok Sabha on Thursday in a written response.

The Government of India has undertaken 55 railway projects worth Rs 45,883.2 million and 15 road projects worth Rs 2,899 million to improve port connectivity in several major and minor ports, he said.

Of 55 railway projects, 15 projects worth Rs 1,048.20 million have been completed and 40 projects are being executed at a cost of Rs 44,785 million, the minister said.

Similarly, of 15 road projects, 10 projects worth Rs 2,592 million rupees have been completed and 5 projects worth Rs 307 million rupees are being executed, he added.

The expenditure on 38 railway connectivity projects carried out by the Ministry of Railways until March 2019 was approximately Rs 16,403 million, Mandaviya said. For 15 road connectivity and 17 rail projects undertaken by the Ministry of Road and Road Transport, the expenditure in the last three financial years was approximately Rs 32.04.82, he added. NAM HRS