Congress divided the country for religious reasons under pressure from Jinnah: Rajnath Singh

LITIPARA (JHARKHAND): Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh On Thursday he blamed Congress for the partition of the country into religious ground under pressure and said the Citizenship Bill (Amendment) was introduced to protect persecuted religious minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

He also praised the BJP government for putting Pakistan in its place by attacking terror camps in its territory.

Singh said the government would soon bring () to the country.

Rajya Sabha had cleared the CAB on Wednesday after Lok Sabha approved it on Monday.

Congress had divided the country into religious ground under the pressure of (Muhammad Ali) Jinnah.

Therefore, the CAB was brought to protect minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan from religious persecution, Singh said.

The minister was addressing an election meeting in the constituency of the Litipara assembly in the Pakur district in support of BJP candidates.

Now the government will bring NRC soon, he added.

Affirming that Congress and its allies had created a corruption registry, Singh said: There is no spot of corruption in the Narendra Modi or the governments of Raghubar Das.

He said it was the BJP government that repealed, making Jammu and Kashmir an integral part of India, paved the way for a peaceful solution in addition to putting Pakistan in place through terrorist camps in its territory.

It also featured a list of welfare and development projects and projects adopted by the double-engine (BJP) governments in the Center and the state.

The segments of the assembly of Litipara and Pakur are going to vote in the fifth and final phase of the 81-member House Assembly elections on December 20.