JNU's fare increase: an infallible system is needed for the non-repetition of such problems, says the human resources ministry

NEW DELHI: He has called for a foolproof system to avoid recurrence of problems such as the ongoing confrontation between the administration and the students about the increase in hostel fees, according to officials. The ministry has also asked the university to consider with sympathy and offer a two-week relaxation to make up for the lost academic period.

Students at Jawaharlal Nehru University boycotted the exams on Thursday because of the problem of the hostel's rate increase, but students from the School of Sanskrit and Indian Studies (SSIS) appeared in their documents.

The ministry has emphasized that not only will the campus return to normal but that an infallible system will be established for the non-repetition of such problems in the future, said a senior official of the Ministry of Human Resources.

We have emphasized in our meetings with all JNU stakeholders that they should adopt a flexible approach to find a satisfactory solution and put an end to the confrontational situation prevailing on campus since the last month or more, said the official.

The DRH ministry held a series of conversations with the university administration and the student union and offered to eliminate charges for public services and services.

The institution has been seeing protests for more than a month over the problem of increasing hostel fees and, although the university has offered partial reversals twice, students have refused to accept them.

Last month, the ministry established a three-member committee to recommend ways to restore normalcy in JNU and mediate between students and the administration of the university. The panel has submitted its report, but the ministry must still attend to it.

Last week, the ministry asked the high committee to be able to compare JNU's hostel fee structure, after the second setback, with other central universities.

The human resources minister, 'Nishank', informed Lok Sabha on Monday that the government has not ordered any central university to increase rates.

His comment came one day when the police charged JNU students when they tried to go to Rashtrapati Bhavan to meet with the president and urge him to make sure that the rise in the hostel's rate is completely reversed.