Mazya Navryachi Bayko Update, December 10: Gurunath looks for a new girlfriend

In the recent episode of Mazya Navryachi Bayko Radhika and Saumitra looked happy with each other's company. Radhika and Saumitra have planned for Puja at Radhika ’s office just to have a new beginning but on the other hand, Gurunath seems to be very upset with the termination of the contract with Shyanaya. Gurunath waits for Radhika near the parking area of Gulmohar society and questions her for removing Shanaya from the position of the company partner. An angry Gurunath calls Radhika to ‘politician’.

The puja at the ( Radhika ’s) office lightens up the mood of Radhika , Saumitra , and other office staff. On the other side, Shanaya is still upset with Gurunath but he tries hard to convince her. He convinces Shanaya saying that he can do anything for her and their future but fails to impress. Shanaya has a new condition and says if he is ready to give her ‘ Radhika Masale Company, then only she will stay with him.

Later, Gurunath calls KD for a piece of advice to handle Shanaya . Gurunath informs KD about her decision and asks him to talk to her. KD becomes selfish and thinks about his benefits. He realises, if Shanaya leaves Gurunath then she will start staying at his place. KD suggests Gurunath that he should stop Shanaya from going anywhere.

KD goes to Gurunath ’s house and requests Shanaya to give him 4 days to prove himself. Lastly, KD gives Gurunath final advice adding that he should find a rich girl who has her own company and personality like Shanaya .