Karthika Deepam Update, December 10: Hima submits an unusual request to Deepa

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m , Karthik He suffers a sprain in a small accident. Deepa along with Sourya, Hima, and Varanasi rush to Karthik and help him walk. Hima thinks that Deepa is the right match for her father. Sourya understands that Deepa likes Karthik but he doesn’t. She decides to do something to help her parents reunite.

At home, Shravya finds Bhagyam gloomy. Bhagyam reveals that Hima is ruining her plans with Deepa’s alimony. She adds that Karthik might even coerce Deepa and Sourya to leave the city if Hima continues to pressurise him to marry Deepa. Shravya threatens Bhagyam of complaining to Soundarya. Bhagyam challenges her to tell Soundarya about Mounitha instead. Monitha has recently visited Shravya and belittles Soundarya adding that their family will soon realize her (Monitha) value. Shravya thinks whether she must report this to Soundarya.

Monitha tells Karthik that his advocate is determined to get him divorced this time. Karthik thinks he is just not capable of this. Monitha then lies that the lawyer understands the pain of betrayed husbands as he is a victim, too. Monitha also adds that the lawyer is happy with his second wife. Karthik wonders why men are happy with their second wives. Monitha tries to manipulate Karthik by justifying the second marriage so that he thinks of her. Before leaving, she asks Karthik not to disclose about his accident to the lawyer in the evening.