First day, first shot: Suniel Shetty counts his time as a rookie on the sets of 'Balwan'.

The first film I signed was that of Sajid Nadiadwala. Waqt Hamara Hai 'and my first release was' Balwaan'. I got into the cinema thanks to the photographer JP Singhal saab. Raju Mawani, who unfortunately passed away in October, was making his first film as a producer with Deepak Anand as director.

I never thought that I would become an actor. But when I had the chance, I said: Mauka mila hai toh, I will do my best ... bye Maarne Ka I trained with Roshan Taneja Saab (the last acting coach) for a few weeks, and when it was time to shoot, he attacked my lines. Initially, I was a little nervous. Divya Bharti She was the protagonist of the film and was already a star; Very spontaneous and bright in everything he did. Gradually, with the preparation and everything, I became comfortable. Then there was also Danny Saab (Denzongpa).

When we started shooting, my nerves had calmed down. My first shot was an action scene that I had to jump off the bridge in Kemps Corner. It was action and I felt that I was in my alley. It has charged me. As it was the neighborhood where I grew up, the people I had grown up with had met the first day of filming to support me. In the back of my mind, I knew I had to do my best and I couldn't let them down. Fortunately, the shoot went well.

Looking back, Suniel Shetty He became an action hero simply because of Danny Saab's efforts. He had shot with Amit ji ( Amitabh Bachchan ), which had raised him for a scene in ' Khuda Gawah '. It was he who suggested that I carry it on my shoulders/back for an action scene. His logic was that after an actor like Amit ji had done it, the audience would believe that this new actor is also strong. So, it is also due to the legendary image of Amit ji that I obtained as an actor. (Action Director) Ravi Dewan put his heart into action. The whole team helped me settle in the movie.

When you have such strong co-actors, it makes a big difference. I learned a lot during my first movie. It was Danny Saab who first told me not to work on Sundays and spend the day with the family. “Do your thing, enjoy your life. Don't be a slave to work, he told me.

Although Sajid Nadiadwala bhai signed me first, he had no qualms about 'Balwaan' launching first. He is still the same person today and takes care of his team as before. Without forgetting, there were also people like Rajiv Rai and Shabbir Boxwala, among others, for whose participation, my career took off.