I love playing Sreemoyee in Nishir Daak: Tumpa Ghosh

One of the most popular series on Bengali television, Nishir Daak, recently completed 300 episodes. Tumpa Ghosh, who plays a key role in the series, said: “I love playing the role of Sreemoyee in Nishir Dak. I've been appreciating my character very much. This is the first time that I am playing a very different role. I identify with Sreemoyee. She is a positive character, who is also spiritual. Sreemoye also believes in spirits and is afraid somewhere. Also in my real life I fear spirits and I think they exist. Nishir Daak recently completed 300 episodes and our channel also made a chat program with the co-stars. Every time I go out on the street, my fans recognize me and come to me to share their comments on the series. Speaking about the experience of working with their castmates, the actress shared: “We are like a big family on the set . Everyday during lunch, we all eat together and work seems so stress free with the whole unit. Sometimes, on our days off, we miss each other a lot and look forward to the next day's work. Each of my cast mates has now become a family member.

Nishir Daak is the story of a five-year-old abandoned and scared Tara, played by Guddi, who finds protection in Sreemoyee's loving arms. Played by Tumpa , Sreemoyee's maternal instincts convince her to adopt Tara and protect the girl from anything that could harm her. Unknown to the world, Tara's fate is eclipsed by the curse of evil spirits when a necromancer, Agharnath, is determined to sacrifice Tara to achieve immortality. Making a great return to the small screen, Sairiti Banerjee portrays the role of Nishi: Agarnath's evil Myrmidon in charge of bringing Tara to him. Completing the blockbuster cast of the show, Shoumo Banerjee plays the role of Rudra, Subhomoy Chatterjee plays Agarnath and Moumita Gupta Essays on the role of Lama.