Los funcionarios de salud min que asists a la" cumbre" del lobby pharmaceutical alzan las cejas

Several Civil Society Groups Have Written To The Minister Of Health Expressing Concern For The Participation Of Senior Ministry Officials And The Central Drug Control Organization (CDSCO) At A Meeting In The United States Organized By A Pressure Group Of The Biopharmaceutical Industry U.S.

The 13th Annual BioPharma & Health Care Summit Scheduled For Thursday Was Organized By The US Chamber Of Commerce. UU And India (USAIC), Which Is Dominated By Transnational Pharmaceutical Companies. The Letter Addressed To The Minister Pointed Out That Many Of These Companies Were Also Members Of The Pharmaceutical Industry Group Of The United States (PhRMA), Whose" Pressure Groups Often Attack The Intellectual Property Regime Of India And Drug Regulations."

" The USAIC Summit Agenda Is Dominated By Transnational Corporations And Their Interests. This Type Of Conferences Are Often Used To Lobby And Promote The Interests Of The Industry." The Participation Of Legislators And Regulators In Such Meetings Send Wrong Signals And Increase The Vulnerability Of The Government Of India To The Corporate Undue Influence Of Companies Transnational Pharmaceuticals In The Formulation Of Policies And Regulations Of India," The Letter Said.

The Letter Noted That The Momentum Of Participation Of The Ministry Of Health Was Charged, Especially In Light Of The Recent Special Report 301 Of The Trade Representative Of The United States, Where For The 27th Consecutive Year, India Was Included In The Priority Surveillance List For Its Alleged Application Deficient Intellectual Property Regulations. India Has Continued To Reject The Report That Qualifies It As Unilateral And Insisted That India's Intellectual Property Laws Comply Fully With The WTO Regulations.

The PhRMA Submission To The USTR" Contained Various Complaints And Illegitimate Accusations Against India" And Seeks Regulatory Changes Across The Access Route To Block The Entry Of Generics, He Pointed The Letter.

" Many Of The Demands Of The Biopharmaceutical Industry Are Reflected In Special Report 301 Of 2019, Which Spreads Wrongful Lies And Propaganda Against India, With A Motive To Undermine The Image Of India's Generic Industry," The Letter Affirmed.

He Also Referred To The Statements Made By The United States Secretary Of Commerce, Ross, On May 7, About The Market Access Barriers Facing US Companies, Which Also Mentioned The Indian Price Controls On Medical Devices And Pharmaceutical Products. As" Obstacles" For American Companies.

Referring To Media Reports That The Government Could Relax The Regulation Of Medical Device Prices And Dilute The Prices Limit Of Coronary Stents And Knee Implants In Response To US Pressure. UU They Also Urged The Minister To Take Measures To Prevent The Undue Influence Of United States Industry Associations Such As PhRMA And USAIC In The Formulation Of Indian Policies.