Reema tai was the first in the industry to tell me: you will one day: Vaibhav Tatwawaadi

From people who make fun of him for not being hero material to receive commendable comments for his performances, Vaibhav Tatwawaadi He has come a long way in his career. Moving from the theater to television and Marathi movies and now to Bollywood, Vaibhav has been busy. He also recently completed the filming of Sachin Kundalkar ’S Pondicherry , the first Marathi feature film shot on a smartphone. The film is special for him for more than one reason, as he shares the screen with two of his good friends in the industry. Amruta Khanvilkar and Sai Tamhankar . He shares, “This is the first time I am doing a film with Amruta and Sai and the first film of mine shot entirely on a smartphone. I am eagerly waiting for it to release and want to know the audience feedback.”

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Besides film and TV, Vaibhav has also been exploring the web space. Ask him about the whole shift from large to small screens in terms of viewing and he replies, “Technically I began my career on the small screen- television. I feel it ’S a good thing that there are more avenues today that give creative people a space to showcase their work,” says Vaibhav, who credits his camera-friendliness to television too. He adds, “I became comfortable in front of the camera because of working for television. It made me aware of the nuances of sets, sticking to deadlines and more. Had I started my career directly with films, it wouldn’t have been the same.”


The actor believes he was never the conventionally good-looking guy but he always felt that hard-work would take him a long way. The College of Engineering Pune alumnus shares, “I always believed in myself and knew that hard work and being a good person would pave the way for my success; not my looks. It feels good when people call me handsome now, but there was a time initially in my career when I would go for auditions and would hear comments like ‘yeh kya karega industry mein’. The same people praise me now.” So, life has come a full circle in that sense? “Absolutely,” says the actor, adding, “I credit the late Reema Lagoo for helping me. Reema tai entered my life when I had little confidence. She was the first in the industry to tell me that one day she would make it big. I wish she was with us today to be part of my success.

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As the year is about to end, Vaibhav looks back into his life with a lot of gratitude and tells us that the importance of being humble has paved the way for his success. “It is the way I was brought up; my parents always told me to respect every human being and stressed on the fact that I should always lead a good life, treating everyone equal,” says the Nagpur boy, highlighting that these values kept him strong in Mumbai when things went difficult in the initial days. “The first six months in Mumbai were challenging ones for me; I used to come home thinking, ‘am I any good’? ‘Will I ever make it’? I didn’t have the backing; some days were difficult financially too. I travelled in the locals and the real essence of the city started sinking in,” says Vaibhav who ensures he visits Nagpur, his home, once in every three months.


A self-confessed Kajol fan, Vaibhav recently got to meet his idol and posted a pic with her on social media. About the meeting, he tells us, “People often tell you not to meet your heroes because they disappoint you. Well, I met mine and my love and respect for Kajol ma’am only increased after the meeting. She is full of life and ensures everybody is comfortable around her. I have learned so much from her. Again, she is someone who doesn’t fit into the conventionally good-looking bracket but she has carved her own successful path in the industry.”