Data protection bill could compromise privacy: activists

NEW DELHI : Personnel 2019, available on Tuesday, grants unlimited powers to the government to infringe people, say digital rights activists. The bill, in its most recent form, states that the Center can issue an order to exempt any government agency from applying the Law. This could severely compromise people's privacy, said Apar Gupta, executive director, .

Gupta also said that there is a problem regarding the formulation of the Data Protection Authorities, which will judge the privacy violations. The only one consists of designated bureaucrats approved by the Center. There is no non-governmental representation.

Medianama's founder and digital rights activist Nikhil Pahwa said there is a fairly significant divergence between the latest bill and the one published on Tuesday. “The location of data, which was a demand in the latest bill, seems to have been ignored in the current version. Since that is no longer on the table, companies can store and process personal data outside India, ”he said.

He also feels that the bill is worryingly not requiring any surveillance reform.

The director of the Center for Internet and Society, Amber Sinha, said another problematic provision in the bill, which could have an adverse impact on freedom of expression, was the proposal to introduce identification for users of the social media platform .