The murder of the billionaire BSP net: son acquitted

NEW DELHI: A Delhi court has acquitted, accused of killing his billionaire father and BSP official in 2013. Bhardwaj had challenged West Delhi Lok sabha He was in 2009 and was the richest candidate in the general elections.

Additional session judge Satish Kumar Arora acquitted Nitesh and the other defendants: Baljeet Singh, Rakesh, Purshottam Rana, Sunil Singh aka Sunil Mann, Amit Mann, Machindernath Namdev aka Swami Pratibhanand and Ramesh Kumari. Another defendant, Pradeep Kumar, had died during the trial.

Nitesh, the youngest son of Deepak Bhardwaj, was arrested in April 2013 for allegedly planning the murder of his father, who had been shot dead at a farm in Delhi the previous month. It was alleged that Nitesh, who was separated from his father, was afraid of losing his family's wealth and was bothered by his father's growing affection for a young woman.

Nitesh's lawyer, Mukesh Kalia, and Pratibhanand's lawyer, Sumeet Verma, confirmed the acquittals. A copy of the sentence is not available.

Police alleged that Nitesh contacted Baljeet to find a solution to the problems created by his father. Baljeet offered to handle the murder for money. It was alleged that an advance payment of Rs 50 lakh was paid. Bajeet, in turn, contacted Pratibhanand for the job.

Pratibhanand asked his disciple-driver, Purushottam Rana aka Monu, to carry out the murder. Frog agreed to other criminals from the outer areas of Delhi. Bhardwaj was killed on March 26 after two failed attempts.

According to police investigations, Baljeet was in contact with the politician and previously worked as a commission agent in some of his real estate businesses. Police said that although the stakes were high, in reality very little money was paid for the crime. He claimed that while Nitesh had given Rs 50 lakh to Baljeet, Pratibhanand only gave Rs 2 lakh to Purushottam, the shooter, to take care of the weapons and other logistics.

The BSP functionary was one of the richest candidates in the 2009 Lok sabha election, having declared assets worth Rs 600 crore.