Expensive products, flashy costumes and complex characters: when the cosplayers of the games offer a perfect show in Delhi

Gaming cosplay is all about quality and accuracy and that is probably the reason why cosplay ers at the recently concluded gaming lifestyle festival in the city came prepared with their flashy costumes, inspired by various online games, with some spending as much as Rs20,000 on their attire . The second edition of the Dreamhack , which hosted its first event in Delhi, not just witnessed gamers from across the world, but also saw gaming cosplay ers showcasing their intricate costumes and props, which many had designed themselves.

I came prepared to deal with last minute mishaps

Apollonia Hannah Hinds, who was dressed as Senna of League of Legends at the event, told us, “I have been playing League of Legends for about six years now. It was my first time cosplay ing. At the last moment, we had issues like weapons falling apart or the costumes not fitting properly. But we were prepared for all these mishaps. We even called an electrician at 11am to check the wiring of our weapons,” she shared. Ashutosh Ronin, who was dressed as Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto sleeve and anime series, they saw themselves taking selfies with the crowd. He told us: “I came dressed as Kakashi. I have spent Rs20,000 on the costume. The costume includes expensive accessories and I designed the whole look with the help of my aunt and mother.

From cloth to foam, materials that are used All cosplay ers agreed on the fact that gaming cosplay s tend to be the most challenging fields in cosplay ing. Anukriti Kumar, who came as Queen Of Pain from Dota 2, said, “I didn’t spend much on the costume apart from the paints. Gaming cosplay s are all about quality, accuracy and how much justice one does to the original character of the game. Therefore, the cosplay s need to be detailed and on point. Gaming cosplay s need a lot of material – from fabric to foam and paints, and maybe some other material which can be heavy on the pocket – to highlight the intricate details of the character. But once you have the final costume, you realise it is all worth it.”

mbad-1 Apollonia Hannah Hinds

Senna, League of Legends

Wearing a costume that costs Rs10,000, he called an electrician at 11 a.m. to verify all the wiring used in the weapons in your costume