Eijaz Khan: I'm learning the art of separating myself from my characters ... I don't want to kill myself by playing them

An actor has to reinvent himself to stay relevant, and Eijaz Khan He knows this Not only has he changed his approach to his trade, but he is also trying to learn the art of separating from his characters. Two years after his show ' Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey 'got off the air, now returns to television with' Tara from satara ', in which he will play Shatru, a reality show judge.

Eijaz says: “I have been a dancer for most of my life and I know what stage shows are all about. The interesting thing is that they offered me reality shows, but I wanted to judge one. In a strange way, my wish has now been fulfilled.

After playing the quintessential television hero and his other strong roles, Eijaz is happy to be able to play a real character on the small screen. He explains: “Unfortunately, in an attempt to define characters, we often make them black, white or even slot them in gray. I call the character of Shatru real because he has his own beliefs, which have been formed due to some experiences. I'm like that too. I don't judge myself, and I don't want to judge this character either.

Is it easier for Eijaz to connect with the character because he faces an internal conflict? He replies: “As actors, we get a part of ourselves, which relates to the character, while we develop it. I tend to go with an established mood and that often puts me at odds with my director (laughs!). Therefore, I am trying to keep my focus for this flexible. In addition, I realized the need to separate myself from the characters I play. I want to be happy and I don't want to kill myself playing a role. I am still learning that art.

The actor states that as the medium evolves, there is a shortage of roles for mature actors like him. He says: From the perspective of a producer, it makes sense to hire the newest for less money and prepare them. That way, they will reduce their losses even if the program is removed from the air in three or four months. I have been part of some good shows in the recent past, which unfortunately did not do well and I have seen producers incur large losses. So, abhi toh wahi hota hai - ladka ladki milte hain, turn hain, hawa chalti hai ... I want to see good shows with good actors. Kab tak animals and rare TV pair dekhenge.

And he adds: “There are so many good actors in my league that need to be seen more on television. That said, some of the young people are also very good. They work hard and are trained. While they know how to be stars, courtesy of their exposure to social networks, the actors of my time are still adapting to change.

On the personal front, the actor is happily single and in love with himself. He says he has learned a lot from his past relationships. “I had a troubled childhood and they deprived me of my mother's love. So, every time I was in a relationship, I tried to be more like a father to my girlfriend and expect her to take care of me as a mother. It was an unfair expectation, which was not healthy for the relationship. I would always blame the other person whenever I felt they had hurt me. Now, I have learned to bear the responsibility of myself. I also realize that I should not have dated anyone, since I had not healed emotionally. So, I haven't been in a relationship for a few years. I am in love with myself and I want to take care of myself, now. I am in a happy space and will welcome someone only when I have full control of my emotions.