Ricky Kej: Bollywood has swallowed the entire music industry

Speaking during a session titled Music for the Wild at the 10th CMS Vatavaran International Environment and Wildlife Film Festival (organized by MoEFCC and CMS Vatavaran in Delhi), music composer and environmentalist awarded a Grammy Ricky Kej said that Bollywood has swallowed the music industry in India and nobody is creating songs about the environment. Ricky, who creates music to raise awareness about the environment, said that while “musicians like Shankar Mahadevan and Vishal Dadlani create the finest music, their legacy will be item numbers because those are their most popular songs”.

Talking about Bollywood music, Ricky said, “The problem in India is that nobody is writing songs about the environment. Bollywood has basically swallowed the entire music industry. When I tell people in India that I'm a composer, the first question they ask me is - 'Which movie?' 'What movies have you done?' Music has become synonymous with Bollywood, so much so that it is forcing composers to create music that does not reflect their personality. ”

He added: “A very close friend, Shankar Mahadevan, is a great singer. He is my favorite singer in India, a jewel of a person and a very good gentleman. But if you see his most popular song to date, it's Kajra Re . If you read the lyrics, you'll see how misogynist they are. I can't imagine Shankar Mahadevan sitting in his room and listening to this song. He himself probably won't listen to the music he has created. We can argue that he was paid to do it, but this song will become his legacy, because it is much more popular than any of his other songs. And the same goes for Vishal Dadlani. He is a strong personality, always says what he thinks, always represents women and a very responsible person. If you go to YouTube, your most popular song by a wide margin is Sheela Ki Jawani . He has even written the lyrics of that song. Like it or not, this song will become your legacy. In fact, I would probably respect Mika Singh because she makes songs that are of her personality.

He then asked the audience to name at least one song or album by Late Pandit Ravi Shankar. When the audience went blank, except for one person, Ricky said: That is the state of our music industry. We know about personalities, but not about their music.