Main publications of the Karnataka Congress: All eyes on Sonia Gandhi as Siddaramaiah, Gundurao resigned

BENGALURU: Although half a dozen names are going around, Congress seems to be groping in the dark to find a viable alternative to Dinesh Gundurao, who resigned from the positions of leader of the Legislative Party of Congress and president of the KPCC respectively on Monday. .

The sources say that both will continue in the positions until the president of AICC, Sonia Gandhi, accepts their resignations, rejecting the speculations that the replacements will take charge soon. The two had given up being responsible for the party's moral responsibility in the polls. He won only two of the 15 seats where elections were held.

The general secretary in charge of AICC, KC Venugopal, told reporters in New Delhi on Tuesday that the high command will make a decision at the appropriate time. He also thanked both of them for resigning. It's a good development, but you can't blame one or two people for the defeat of the game, he said.

Venugopal also contacted the leader of Congress, Mallikarjun Kharge, by phone to discuss the resignations while seeking suggestions on a course of action. Sources say the high command of the party will weigh the pros and cons before making a decision, especially about Siddaramaiah.

It is not easy for the high command to make a quick decision on Siddaramaiah, as it has been the face of the party in Karnataka for almost a decade, a senior party official said. I believe that the opinion of all officials will be sought before making a decision.

The state Congress is divided into 'pro-Siddaramaiah' and 'anti-Siddaramaiah' camps and the high command of the party cannot ignore the 'responsibility' issue that the anti-Siddaramaiah camp has been raising, especially after three defeats Consecutive surveys. under his leadership This has given hope to his detractors.

The party has already given Siddaramaiah a long rope. It's time to look beyond him, said a senior official who has criticized Siddaramaiah's operating style.

According to reports, seven times former deputy KH Muniyappa and others camp in Delhi to get the high command to accept the resignations. Let the reorganization of KPCC begin now, these leaders said.

Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah is said to be disgusted with some officials for his lack of cooperation during the elections. I am ready to fight with the BJP, but I find it difficult to fight with colleagues in the game, it is believed that he told his close associates.