The police present a report to the CNDH about veterinarians and find themselves dead

HYDERABAD: The police, investigating the alleged rape and murder of a veterinary woman and the subsequent encounter with the death of the four defendants, presented the details and evidence related to the case to the (National Commission) on Tuesday.

Yes, the documents, including the FIR and CCTV images, and related details and evidence (which establish the participation of the four defendants in the rape and murder of women) have been sent to the NHRC, a senior official said. from the police to PTI.

The official said the police also submitted details about the exchange of gunfire between the defendants and law enforcement officials to the NHRC.

The United States national police also asked police officers to accompany the four defendants on December 6 to the scene of the crime where the woman's charred remains were found on November 28.

Although it was not clear if his statements were recorded by the NHRC team.

The seven-member NHRC investigation committee began its investigation into the incident on Saturday.

On Saturday, the team, including an expert in forensic medicine, had examined the bodies of the four defendants in the district where their bodies were previously held in a state hospital after the autopsy.

In addition, the team visited the town of Chattanpalli, about 50 km from here, and also the nearby meeting place.

The NHRC committee also recorded statements of the relatives of the accused and also interacted with the veterinarian's family.

The NHRC learned of the murders of the four defendants in the case and ordered an investigation on Friday.

The highest human rights body in the country had said that the meeting was a matter of concern and should be carefully investigated.

The commission is of the opinion that this matter should be investigated very carefully. Accordingly, it has asked its Director General (Research) to immediately send a team for a field investigation of field research, the NHRC said.

The four defendants were shot dead by police on Friday morning in Chattanpalli, when they were taken to the scene of the crime to retrieve the woman's phone, wristwatch and others related to the case.

Cyberabad police had said that their personnel resorted to alleged reprisal shots after two of the defendants opened fire on the police after snatching their weapons in addition to attacking the latter with stones and sticks, which resulted in injuries To two policemen.

The four were arrested on November 29 for allegedly raping and killing the woman by suffocating her and then burning the body after throwing it under the sewer.