Sharada reveals favorite co-star features

Despite having health problems, veteran actress Sharadha seemed radiant as she took a walk along the path of memory during her chat session at the Kerala International Film Festival (IFFK) in Thiruvananthapuram.

The two-time National Prize winner talked about her films and her political career, but seemed the happiest to answer who was her favorite co-star among the trio of Madhu , Prem Nazir and Sathyan began by saying that everyone led a simple life and never boasted of his fame. “I started my career in Malayalam cinema with them. Sathyan The Lord used to address me as Sharu and was a man of good heart to those who knew him best. He had worked in the police department before becoming an actor and, therefore, everyone was afraid of him. But later I discovered that he had a heart of butter and that he was a supportive man, ”he said.

Sharada went on to substantiate this with an incident. “Years ago, I wanted to buy a car with the money I made and had finalized a second-hand car for about Rs 30,000. But I had only Rs 20,000 and was feeling sad. At that time, I was doing a film with Sathyan sir. Seeing me moody, I've asked me why. At first, I hesitated, but then told him the reason. Sathyan sir promptly told me that he would lend me `10,000 the next morning so that I can buy my car. I paid him back soon, but even today when I think of buying a new car, Sathyan sir’s gesture comes to my mind, ”she recalls.

The actress, who was Mollywood’s top heroine in the late ‘60s and‘ 70s, also talked about the benevolent side of Prem Nazir. “Regardless of who the person is, if they approach Nazir sir with their miseries and problems, he would patiently hear them out. He would later call them towards him and give them money, without any hesitation. I've always had compassion for the deprived. ”

Talking about her Swayamvaram co-star Madhu, she says, “He has a good sense of humor. Madhu sir cracks rib-tickling jokes and makes us laugh while he keeps a straight face throughout. He always took the effort to see a smile on everyone’s face. ”She also remarked that that late actor Bahadoor used to dearly call her mole Sharu.