Parthiban's 'Otha Seruppu' is selected for the Golden Globe Awards

Tamil films 'Otha Seruppu' and 'Tolet' have been selected for the Golden Globe Awards. Parthiban directed, produced and starred in the movie 'Otha Seruppu', while Ramji had made the cinematography of the film that premiered last September. Parthiban was the only character that was present throughout the film. The audience that saw the movie thanked Parthiban for his excellent effort.

Parthiban sent this film for the Oscar nomination from India. However, the Hindi movie 'Gully Boy' was selected for the prestigious award. At that time, many of them have expressed their discontent over the fact that 'Otha Seruppu' has not been chosen for the Oscar Awards. However, Parthiban is working hard to send the film directly for the Oscar nomination.

Meanwhile, 92 foreign language films from 63 countries were taken into consideration for this year's Golden Globe Awards. The list features Tamil films such as 'Otha Seruppu' and 'Tolet' from India. In addition, the other language films 'Gully Boy', 'Photograph' and 'Baba' have been selected from India.