Voices of the transgender community against rape

As the country resonates with the news of several brutal cases of rape and murder, a group of transgender activists, under writer Kalki Subramaniam , exhibited an art exhibition, titled Red Wall Project , in Alliance Francaise de Trivandrum on the subject. The works of art show handwritten testimonies of sexual exploitations with the impressions of the red palm of more than 250 transgender victims. It is promoted as the first of its kind of artistic expression of the transgender community. The event was conceptualized by Kalki and his research team of transgender artists Sowndharya Gopi, Kanchana Venkatesan and Smita Avi Mukta. Attending the show, we saw activists based on Thiruvananthapuram, Sreekutty, Say Sana , Shyama and Jezla M.

Photo courtesy: Satheeshan Karicheri

Sreekutty Namitha,Jezla M,  Kalki Subramaniam ,  Diya sana,Prema, Shyama

 Kalki Subramaniam  (4)