Students happy with the peaceful elections of PU

More than 20,000 students from Patna University (PU) exercised their franchise to elect the members of Patna University Students’ Union on Saturday. A total of 43 candidates were in contention for the top five posts, including that of the president, vice-president, general secretary, joint secretary and treasurer. Another 70 candidates disputed the 21 seats of the council members.

There was a huge tread at the polling booths between 8 am and 2 pm. Khagendra Kumar, the chief election officer of Patna University , said, “We are glad to see that students were very prompt in exercising their rights. The voting percentage is higher this time. Most of the students were very cooperative and they voted peacefully. All the teaching and non-teaching staffs were patrolling the booths and I thank them all for their support. The counting of votes will take place at the college of Arts and Craft.

The students were also happy with the peaceful surveys. Shivpriya Singh, a sophomore at the university, said: “I voted for the second time in PU elections . The tread of female students was outstanding this time. Last year, many of them refrained from visiting the polling booths due to chaos and poor security arrangements. But this time, things were well-arranged, so the turnout was huge. We were not even allowed to carry our cell phones to the booths.”

Sharing similar views, Kaushik, a third-year student of the college , said, “My friends and I have voted for the deserving candidates. I hope that the best and responsible candidates win.”