Sembaruthi Update, December 9: Vadivelu is surprised to see photos of Adithya and Parvathy

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , Adithya inform Akhilandeswari that Parvathy will be serving the duties of the Goodwill Ambassador and nothing else here on. He also inform that Parvathy will select a new cook for them.

Akhilandeswari rushes to the garden area to see how Parvathy is conducting the interviews. Parvathy explains to the candidates the requirements, likes and dislikes of every family member. Akhilandeswari is surprised by Parvathy’s understanding of the family and orders Pattammal to take charge of the kitchen duties as Parvathy is irreplaceable. Pattammal suggests Akhilandeswari to permit Parvathy to continue cooking and also perform the duties of Goodwill Ambassador. Akhilandeswari dismisses the idea.

Vanaja notices Akhilandeswari performing puja for the ancestral chain. Vanaja is aware that the locket has the photos of Adithya and Parvathy embossed in it. Vanaja plans to put Adithya and Parvathy on the spot by making Akhilandeswari see these pictures. Vanaja convinces Vadivelu to make Akhilandeswari her open the locket.

As Akhilandeswari is unable to, Vadivelu opens it. He is surprised to see the pictures of Parvathy and Adithya in it. As Vadivelu describes the features of the Adithya and Parvathy , Akhilandeswari assumes that he is talking about her ancestors and praises their divine power.