Our songs are about little things that people experience, but they don't recognize

The punk rockers of Mumbai, GreyFade They have created their debut album.

the band understand Kartik Nair (Voice), Shubham Vaidya (Drums), Vineet Pillay (Guitars), Angad Bhatia (Guitars) and Melroy Coelho (Bass).

Speaking of his latest album, Angad says: Cardboard Pastries is an album of seven full-length songs, which talks about little things in everyday life that most people experience, but don't recognize.


the band members explain that the idea behind the name is that of an illusion – something which looks appealing but is hollow. “Despite being aware of this, we as a society still make an active attempt to consume those pastries, often seen in the form of dopamine boosts interactions in social networks and 'influential' culture, ”he adds.

the lyrics in the album tease a lighter mood – talking about things like Gingivitis , teenage rebellion and click baits, while offering a mix of punk, hardcore and metal riffs.