4 things you should never do while wearing makeup

Most of us are makeup lovers, who enjoy sliding the lipstick and stacking the mask. For many of us, makeup is almost therapeutic. It is like our daily form of artistic expression, and a creative way for us to represent and improve certain characteristics. But wearing makeup all the time is not always a good idea. Now, we are not talking from a moral perspective about makeup being good or bad. Sometimes, it can be really bad for our skin. Therefore, we suggest that you have a cleanser and some cotton on hand, while reading the following list of things you should never do while wearing makeup.


If you are attacking dust bunnies with a make-up face, you should reevaluate what is making you do those things. Your skin is exposed to dust, dirt and particle contamination when it is cleaning, so it is better to protect your skin as much as possible, with masks if necessary. The use of makeup and cleaning increases the layer of products on your skin, making the skin vulnerable to a cocktail of dirt that causes acne. For your skin, makeup is more foreign matter, as is a comedogenic irritant like dust. It sits in the pores and causes pimples. Mixing the two is a recipe for disaster, unless you have an industrial strength chart.

Have sex

Using a full face of products and having sex can be an unpleasant experience. Makeup, especially facial makeup, is transferred and put on sheets and pillows, which makes sex even more messy. Also, when you're face to face with your boy, the last thing you need to worry about is that his stubble cleans your base, that your lipstick join you and him, and make both look like The Joker, and his respective bacteria and facial oils are mixed with makeup and sweat to cause acne. Many of us are shy when we initially start dating someone, so we use makeup to go to bed. But if a guy is really interested in you, he probably won't mind if you take off the base. GO TO THE GYM

It makes no sense to wear makeup while you exercise because you are likely to worry (unless you agree to wear waterproof stain-proof makeup every time you exercise). But it is also bad for your health because sweat and makeup cause an outbreak of hell. The exercise heats the skin, softens the sebum and makeup, mixing them in the enlarged pores. The result? Pimples and pimples. GO ON A LONG FLIGHT

You can wear a lot of makeup on short flights. But for the longest ones that involve the slightest hint of a nap, you should avoid makeup for the same reason you should not sleep with your makeup on. In addition, you should also skip makeup because aircraft cabins absorb every trace of moisture from your skin, leaving it dehydrated. Use the time on the flight to pamper your skin, instead, use sheet masks, moisturizing essences, mists and nourishing tonics on clean skin; Applying them to makeup is not only useless but also bad for your skin.

By: Stuti Bhattacharya