Maharashtra has the most employable talent, followed by TN, UP: Study

NEW DELHI: topped the list of states with the highest employable talent, followed by and while Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune stood out as the most employable cities, a survey showed.

Maharashtra rose from ninth position and Tamil Nadu rose from tenth position last year, as they improved their rankings this year to emerge as the most used states. The states that registered a drop in their rankings were West Bengal (second year last) and Haryana, which failed to reach the top 10, according to the seventh edition of the India 2020 Skills Report, which will be published on Tuesday.

Taking a deeper look at employability at the city level, the report places Mumbai on top, closely followed by Hyderabad, who saw his entry on the list for the first time. Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune, Lucknow and Chennai have maintained their presence on the top 10 list for the past 6 years. Nashik and Guntur, who made the list last year, have disappeared this year, replaced by Mangalore and Coimbatore. The report evaluated 3.00,000 candidates from 35 educational institutes in 28 states and 9 territories of the Union, who presented themselves for the test.