Abishek's next film has an international Mafia scene

After her debut movie, Amar and a busy season helping her mother Sumalatha Ambareesh in campaign for parliamentary elections of Mandya , everyone wondered what Abishek Ambareesh The next step would be. As it turned out, he decided to return to the cinema and chose director Prashant Raj To direct your next. Prashant, we hear, is currently in Chennai for pre-production work on the project. This movie will be shot in international locations, such as Saaho . It will have a configuration of the mafia and the underworld, which is the first time for me. The story is quite complex, so the scripts took a while. The casting and other details will be finished soon, but rest assured that we are looking for local talent to be released alongside Abishek, and we are looking for an actress that matches her personality, says Prashanth.