Shruti Naidu celebrates its 20th year in the entertainment world

Filmmaker Shruti Naidu I had a gala birthday celebration recently. Although the day had the usual and jovial company and celebration, it was also retrospective, shares Shruti. “The year 2019 marks my twentieth year in the industry, and all my close friends who were by my side when I debuted in the industry are still with me, ringing on my birthday every year. Then, this birthday reminded me of how I started as a presenter and eventually assumed the roles of actor, director and filmmaker, ”he shared.

In general, the woman sees Shruti and her friends from the television and film industry singing at night. They are so excited that they often take care of the singers scheduled to play, Shruti laughs, and adds: This year, we also call a local comedy team. Achyuth Kumar , Bharath Bopanna , Pramod, Kaavya Sha, Shwetha R Prasad, Geetha Bhat, among others were in doing.