The illustrations focus on public opinion that goes beyond vigils

It is not unusual for an artist to use his work as a means to highlight a cause or social injustice, as the case may be. Paramesh Jolad, based in the city, has been doing so for a while, in fact, with facilities on topics such as the floods in Kodagu and Kerala, the Nirbhaya case, the depletion of the city's green roof and, more recently, the encounter of the four violations. Accused men in Hyderabad.

On Sunday, Paramesh was facing Vidhana Soudha, wearing a rather peculiar suit. I have tried to symbolize two things; one as a candle that went out in the process of being heard and sympathetic to the subject and the other part is me as the victim with the hands of the oppressor wrapped around me, bathed in the blood of the victim. With this work of art, I am trying to show how we always have marches by candlelight and silent protests, but how much has that helped to make a change so far? I feel that taking strong action will help more instead of being peaceful with our opinions. The candle means that public opinion is not heard, and the government's opinion on this issue, while the hands that hold the victim are about unused justice, he explains.

Paramesh also had intrigued passersby write his opinion about the encounter and his work of art about himself, about the black clothes that had been laid as the basis for the work of art. In this way, I know how successful I was in my feat by making people understand my opinion on the whole issue, he says.