The citizenship bill (amendment) does not violate constitutional provisions: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: The Citizenship Bill (Amendment) does not violate constitutional provisions, Minister of the Interior Amit Shah he said Monday night when he responded to a debate on contentious legislation in the Lok sabha .

He said it will provide relief to people living a painful life after persecution in neighboring countries.

If India had not divided into religious lines, there would be no need for the Citizenship Bill (amendment), it said it was aimed at the opposition Congress.

The bill does not violate article 14 of the Constitution, as it aims to give citizenship to persecuted people, he said.

According to the Citizenship Bill (Amendment), 2019, members of, Sikh The Buddhist, Jain, parsis and Christian communities, which have come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, until December 31, 2014, facing religious persecution there, will not be treated as illegal immigrants but will receive Indian citizenship.

The bill, which has been opposed by Congress, the Trinamool Congress and other opposition parties, was presented after a division of votes by which 293 deputies voted in favor and 82 against.