Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, December 9: Kartik and Naira propose marriage

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai , Kartik and Naira search for each other and are all excited for their special day. The two remember the time they spent with each other and cross each other’s path. Their families keep an eye on them and get tensed seeing Naira and Kartik fight. Kartik blames Naira of running away from the situation. Kartik tries his best to convey his feelings to Naira . As they get into a fight, their families come in between. Singhanias and Goenkas scold Naira and Kartik for their childish behaviour. Naira and Kartik propose each other for marriage and their families get excited. Naira and Kartik hug each other.

On the other side, Kairav gets upset about seeing Kartik and Naira 's wedding pictures. Kairav tells Vansh that his parents did not invite him to the wedding. Kairav asks Kartik and Naira to get married again and invite him to their wedding. The two agree to get married once again. Vansh tells Kartik if he will get married to Naira then his first marriage will get cancelled. Kairav asks Vansh which marriage he is talking about. Vansh lies to Kairav and handles the situation well. The families start preparing for Naira and Kartik 's wedding. Manish tells that they need to cancel Kartik and Vansh's marriage.