Gujarat does not spend 95% of the Nirbhaya Fund: Study

AHMEDABAD: Despite the large number of incidents and children in, the state has used only 5% of what was assigned by the Union government, according to a study. The crore Rs 10,000 fund was created by the Union government for women's safety.

According to a study by the Children's Foundation (KSCF), Gujarat did not spend 95% of the amount allocated from the fund for women's safety. Against Rs 87.04 million rupees from Nirbhaya Fund allocation to Gujarat, only Rs 4.58 crore was used.

According to the study, the government of the Union has released only Rs 2,264 million rupees, that is, 22% of the total funds, to 36 states and territories of the country's union. Despite an increase in sexual crimes and murders against women, some states have only used Rs 252 million rupees, which represents 11% of the total amount, KSCF said in a statement today.

The remaining amount of Rs 2012 rupees, which represents 89% of the funds disbursed, remains unused.

“The violations, followed by murders, always provoke a strong protest by the citizens of the country, however, the same does not translate into concrete actions, to prevent violations and make public spaces in the country safe for women . The abysmally low utilization of the Nirbhaya Fund is a testament to the fact that there is little or no political will to guarantee the safety of women in our country, ”said the KSCF statement.