BJP sweeps polls in Karnataka; two leaders of the state Congress resigned for poor show

BENGALURU: The BJP ruler swept the assembly on Monday in Karnataka polls, winning 12 of the 15 seats to help the four-month Yediyurappa government retain the majority, in a moral boost for the saffron party after its recent upside down in Maharashtra.

The BJP sweep had an immediate impact on the opposition with its Legislative Party leader and former Prime Minister and head of the State Congress, Dinesh Gundu Rao, resigning his posts. The poor performance of Congress by winning only two seats, compared to the 12 it had of the 15 who went to the polls, threw the state unit into chaos. The surveys were carried out on December 5.

Citing unsatisfactory results, the two leaders submitted their resignations to the president of Congress Sonia Gandhi and assumed the moral responsibility of the party of the party.

The polls were considered a decisive test for the BJP government, as it needed to win at least six of the 15 seats at stake to remain a majority in the 225-member assembly. The ally of the JD (S) Congress went blank.

The BJP count increases from 105 (including an independent) to 117, which is well ahead of half of 111 in the 223-member Assembly (two seats, Maski and RR Nagar, are vacant due to pending litigation in the Supreme Cut).

Turncoats had a field day since 11 of the 13 in the fray after joining the BJP emerged victorious, as the ruling party's bid to place defectors from Congress and the JD (S) that helped them come to power it was worth it.

The emphatic victory of the BJP also echoed in the Prime Minister Narendra Modi The survey is conducted in Jharkhand, where he accused Congress and his allies of stealing and subverting the mandate of the people in Karnataka last year.

Congress and its allies subverted the mandate in Karnataka, stabbed him in the back ... Congress stole the mandate through the back door, and now people have punished him and taught him a lesson, Modi said.

Modi described the polls in Karnataka as extraordinary, one that would decide whether the BJP government would stay or leave.

There are three messages for Jharkhand and other states in the result of the bypoll. The first is that people want stable government. Second, people feel insulted by the subversion of their mandate and teach the culprits a lesson. Third, they trust that only BJP can give a government that can comply, he said.

Public anger over the betrayal of the mandate exploded today. It is a victory of the public mandate ... a victory for democracy, he said.

Modi, who dedicated a large part of his speeches in both Barhi and Bokaro on the final result of Karnataka, said that another reason for the defeat of Congress-JD (S) was that his government never worried about people's welfare. .

He claimed that the two disparate parties had joined and formed the government in their own interest.

They spent a whole year fighting. Congress kept the prime minister at gunpoint and poor CM would go to the people crying. They (the Congress) made the condition of Karnataka CM worse than that of someone kidnapped, he said. .

Congress managed to win only the seats of Hunsur and Shivajinagar, while independent candidate Sharath Bachegowda, who was expelled from the BJP for anti-party activities before he disputed the revolt as a rebel, won in Hoskote.

Former HD Prime Minister Deve Gowda, JD (S), who had won three seats in the previous elections: K R Pete, Mahalakshmi Layout and Hunsur, went blank.

Surveys were conducted to fill vacancies caused by the disqualification of 17 rebel congressmen and MLA JD (S), whose revolt led to the collapse of the 14-month HD-led Kumaraswamy coalition government in July and paved the way for the BJP To get to power.

Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa won the motion of confidence on July 29 after the effective force of the 225-member assembly (including the President who has a decisive vote) was reduced to 208 and the majority mark to 105, equivalent to the current BJP force, after disqualifications

BJP presented 13 of the 16 disqualified legislators, who joined the party after the Supreme Court allowed them to challenge the polls, as their candidates from their respective constituencies from where they had won in the 2018 assembly elections on tickets of Congress and JD (S). Eleven of them have won the polls.

The 12 BJP candidates that won are: Arabail Shivaram Hebbar (Yellapura), Narayana Gowda (KR Pete), BC Patil (Hirekerur), Shrimant Patil (Kagwad), Mahesh Kumthalli (Athani), K Sudhakar (Chikkaballapura), K Gopalaiah (Mahalaksh Design), Anand Singh (Vijayanagara), Ramesh Jarkiholi (Gokak), Arun Kumar Guttur (Ranebennur), ST Somashekar (Yeshwanthpura) and Byrathi Basavaraj (KR Puram).

The candidates for Congress who have won are Rizwan Arshad (Shivajinagar) and H P Manjunath (Hunsur).

During the campaign, BJP had asked for votes in the name of stability and development, while Congress and JD (S) were optimistic that defectors, who had been disqualified and were candidates for the ruling party, would be rejected by the electorate. .

Jubilante after the stellar performance of the BJP, Yediyurappa said he would give a stable and development-friendly government over the next three and a half years, the rest of his term.

He also made it clear that it was not a matter of backing off the security given to disqualified legislators that they would be appointed ministers.

It is likely that Yediyurappa will soon go to an expansion of the cabinet, which will not be an easy task, since he will have to strike a balance by accommodating the disqualified legislators victorious in his ministry, as promised, and also accommodate the old guards , who were bothered to have been careless in the first round.

Including the prime minister, there are currently 18 ministers in the cabinet. The sanctioned force is 34.

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