McConaughey's 'The Gentlemen' has a release date in India

Guy Ritchies, the action comedy 'The Gentlemen', starring Matthew McConaughey , Charlie Hunnam , Michelle Dockery , Henry Golding and Hugh Grant, will premiere in India on January 24.

The movie is being taken to India by one of the entertainment cadres.

Produced by Ivan Atkinson, Bill Block and Ritchie, 'The Gentlemen' is a criminal plot set in London. McConaughey leads the cast as Mickey Pearson, an American drug dealer along with Hunnam, Grant, Colin Farrell , Golding, Jeremy Strong and Dockery, in the drug-infused drama about a British drug dealer trying to capitalize on his fortune.

The movie is written and directed by Ritchie. He promises to be a complete artist as the characters leave the game and causes all kinds of repercussions among the criminal underworld that brings together a compelling mix of humor and crime.