Jharkhand assembly elections: the division of rural vows in Jugsalai makes BJP hopeful

JAMSHEDPUR: a mixture of rural and urban voters, registered 65.78% of voters and this has caused smiles on the faces of BJP officials.

who has never won the reserved seat to date has sent Muchiram Bauri this time. After Ajsu-P broke ties with BJP, the seat witnesses a triangular competition between the MLA candidate and the Ajsu-P candidate, Ramchandra Sahis, Mangal Kalindi of JMM and Bauri of BJP.

With a 2% drop in the electoral participation of the latest 2014 surveys, BJP Bauri's candidate feels that the game is in his favor. In the latest surveys, the percentage of voting recorded here was 67.38.

Many times in the past, urban voters in this position have played a decisive role in the selection of the candidate. BJP, who has always claimed that the urban voters of this reserved seat are their voting bank, are confident of winning the seat, since this time it was divided between Ajsu-p and JMM.

Then, with a lot of urban votes on her kitten, BJP feels they will win this seat and set a record.

In particular, of the six assembly segments to date, BJP has not won this seat once. The latest surveys of the joint NDA candidate of Ajsu-P Sahis won the seat.

Sources said JMM heavyweight leader Dulal Bhuiyan, who has the record of winning the seat three times in a row, did not receive a fine even after joining the party before the election. Bhuiyan has a grassroots leader who has a lot of influence in the assembly segment. Denial of the fine can be costly for JMM, said an internal source close to Bhuiyan.

On the other hand, Sahis, who last time won a lot of urban votes, since he had been related to BJP, can lose it this time after his party decided to go alone.

Analysts feel that the division of votes can change course in favor of BJP here.