Karnataka: Is the controversial project of the Bengaluru elevated corridor still on the agenda?

BENGALURU: The report of the Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) suggests that controversy remains an important part of the plan to reduce traffic congestion in the city.

Following strident protests from citizens, Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa, in September, announced that his government had canceled the first tender for the three packages of the 25,000 million rupee project, which was proposed by the former Congress-JD coalition regime ( S).

However, the CMP states that 92 km of arterial roads have been proposed for the elevated highway designed with priority for the movement of public transport vehicles, the regulation of private vehicles and the facilitation of intermodal mobility. raised halls

The CMP states that there is a need to increase the capacity of arterial pathways in the central business district, as well as beyond the ORR. Given that there are limitations for the acquisition of land in CBD areas, it suggests an increase in road capacity through elevated roads.

Therefore, the government is planning a further increase in urban road capacity through elevated corridors, with special attention to the equitable allocation of road space, prioritizing the movement of public transport vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, the report said.

He suggested that the corridors of the north-south and central ring be reviewed in addition to the second, as there is a conflict with the Metro corridors.