Tell him to play a 60-year-old man in Keshu E Veedinte Nadhan of Nadhirshah

We have already told you that the filmmaker Nadhirshah is ready to direct his old friend Dileep. The titled movie Keshu E Veedinte Nadhan we will see Dileep as a 60 year old man. To act as a sexagenerian, Dileep will not be putting makeup like in Kalayanaraman and Kamarasambavam. It will be natural, says the director.

He is a family artist written with a humor base. The film will go on sale on December 19 and the next Vishu is expected to be released. The film, written by Sajeev pazhoor, will also see actors like Sidhique, Salim Kumar , Shahjohn, Kottyam nazeer and so on.