There has to be a huge responsibility on my shoulders, says Ashwamedham actor Dhruva Karunakar

Released on December 6, 2019, Ashwamedham It was definitely one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Movie fans waited a long time to see this movie. The action and style of the movie are first class. Not only the action and the style, but the whole film has left the audience fascinated. Along with the audience, film critics have also given their positive comments about the film.

Not only that, it enjoys a grand run in many of the top centers with the film raking in vast collections, especially in Andhra Pradesh. Ashwamedham has reportedly been made on a budget of around Rs 6 crores. According to the report, the publicity cost around Rs 1.5 crores. In total, the budget of the film is expected to be approximately Rs 7.5 crores.

According to the report, the satellite rights of the film have been bagged by a popular television channel for a whopping amount. The film is said to have fetched Rs 1.5 crore in the form of Hindi remake rights. In total, Ashwamedham is said to have done a business of around Rs 10.5 crore, which suggests that the Dhruva starrer has already emerged as a profitable venture. Meanwhile, the film is still doing a decent business in the Telugu states and should be collecting more in the days to come.

2 Reportedly, it was Kaushik Reddy who had distributed Ashwamedham in theaters worldwide. The renowned film distributor's manager Satyanarayana, in a recent interview with Entertainment Times, had talked about how the film fared for him. In the interview, he revealed that the Dhruva Karunakar starrer Ashwamedham was the successful film for him in recent times. This should rightly underline the fact that it was a profitable venture in total.

Actor Dhruva Karunakar, who recently made his Tollywood Debut with Ashwamedham, opened up in a recent interview about being cast as a lead and how he deals with the biggest challenge of his career. I am charming and affable. I have swooned the hearts of millions with his role in Ashwamedham. We at Entertainment Times catch up with the pleasantly multitalented actor Dhruva Karunakar and the producer of the film Aishwarya Yadav to chat This is what happened.

Edited excerpts from the interview.

Congratulations for the success of Ashwamedham! How are you enjoying your success?

I'm in cloud nine. Also my lady Aishwarya, producer, said Dhruva. The response that comes from the audience is too good as if we were so overwhelmed, happy and excited. It is a wonderful feeling. Everyone is talking about our action hero Dhruva and, as he said, we are all in cloud nine, he said. Aishwarya Yadav.

1 You don't know Telugu, so how did you handle your portions while acting?

I understand Telugu, but I can't speak fluently. The only problem I can't speak Telugu because my mother tongue is Tulu and Kannada. Some words are very similar to Telugu. But in a month or so, I will hire a tutor to learn Telugu, and I will surely copy myself in the next movie, Dhruva Karunakar said. He also added that famous singer Hemachandra He had done the dubbing for his role.

Who was your first option to play the lead role?

I decided that I would choose newcomers in the movie even though many people asked me to choose a star for the lead role. If we had taken an established hero for the lead role, he would have brought his own acting style, reputation and characteristics on the role. We wanted someone who looked smart and acted with passion. Dhruva was the first option to play the protagonist after performing six auditions, and was selected in the last round of auditions. Then, for each role, we chose people that matched the characters, Aishwarya said.

Dhruva said: The auditions were really difficult because every day they used to call me for an audition they had performed. The last round of audition conducted by director Nitin. G was the most difficult since he asked me to make different types of scenes of various genres. I did my auditions in Hindi, English and Telugu.

How did the story of the movie come about?

The story of Ashwamedham was written by Jagdish Metla. He's an educated and highly-qualified person. Actually, he isn't even a writer. He is an MBA graduate and an engineer by profession. Writing is his passion. When he narrated the story to us, we're genuinely surprised by the elements in the subject. After working as an engineer for the last ten years, I've started writing stories. And he took one year to write this script. So when the script first came to the court of Aishwarya garu, she liked the storyline of the film and then she's chosen Nitin G garu for the direction. Before finalizing this film, she heard more than 60 scripts to set it up professionally, explained Dhruva.

Where did you film the movie?

The entire shoot of Ashwamedham was shot in Hyderabad. Everyone's confused by the song, Alli Alli in the film because it seems like it was shot in aboard. Everybody was asking me where the filming of the song had been done. The entire credit goes to the art director Murthy. I have made it happen. The great Ramajogayya Sastry garu penned the lyrics of this song, said Dhruva Karunakar.

How many days did you shoot?

We finished filming the movie in just 55 days, which was filmed within 6 months due to so many injuries that took place. Unfortunately, Dhruva had been seriously injured on the sets while performing the song and the acrobatics sequences. Although he was injured, he would overcome it because of his passion for cinema. It was filmed in places in real time, therefore, it does not require many sets that require additional time to settle and plan, except for a couple of songs. The Hyderabad crew was very friendly and helped us improve the procedures.

3 How was your audition process and how much did you rehearse?

Dhruva continued: Basically, I am a theater artist, and I made 336 works in 12 countries. I never intended to go into movies. The first audition I did for a Telugu album was Eppatiki Prema in 2017. I have appeared in the song with Aditi Arya, Miss World 2015 contest. That was the first time I appeared on the screen. After watching the song, Aishwarya garu called me for the audition. Priya Nair garu asked me if you know action. I said mam, I trained in action, but I would love to do intensive training if the character requires it. Aishwarya garu sent me to Israel for a month's training. Before entering the sets, I trained in different forms of martial arts there. , this is how I rehearsed for the movie.

Was Aishwarya cooperative?

Of course, she has been very cooperative in working together for the film. In my opinion, there are two main characters or heroes: one is Aishwarya garu and the other is Kaushik garu. The best part of these two people was about their used marketing and advertising strategies. They completely dealt with how to present the film in the right way and at the right time. Aishwarya garu is very good as a producer. He didn't even step back to spend money. Who would spend such a large amount on a movie that presents a newcomer like me? And the budget was Rs 6 million. Therefore, there must be a huge responsibility on my shoulders, Dhruva said.

4 Do you watch Telugu movies?

Yes, of course, I watch Telugu movies frequently, and I am a big fan of the mega star Chiranjeevi garu. I've also been watching movies of power star Pawan Kalyan, rebel star Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Prince Mahesh Babu and others from a very young age. I want to mention that Akkineni Nagarjuna Garu is so sweet. He personally came to meet Aishwarya garu on the sets. He was there on the sets for 40 minutes. He was so supportive and humble. I was so happy to see how things were going then. I think one of the best moments of my life when Nagarjuna garu came to visit the sets of my movie admitted Dhruva Karunakar.

Reportedly, Dhruva Karunakar will be busy due to his upcoming projects waiting to be shot. He will be seen taking two Telugu projects, and the producers of these two films have approached the actor to assume the main role of the film. He will be seen playing a double role in one of the films, and the announcement about it will be made soon.