Kanak Kakan team enjoys outdoor filming

Several families of reels have fun in the lap of nature away from Kolkata. Right after, Chirodini actors Ami Je Tomar and Sreemoyee, another team is having an outdoor session in North Bengal. Soul sisters Kanak and Kakan along with their relatives are shooting in northern Bengal. Yes, we are talking about daily soap ‘ Kanak Kakan ’. Actors Sweta Bhattacharya (Kakan) Shrabani Bhunia (Kanak) Raja Ghosh , Sahamita, Gourab along with other actors and team are having an explosion in North Bengal right now.

Though the storyline is awaiting a critical turn with a potential threat from Rudra’s spirit, the team is having a gala time while shooting. From long adda sessions, exploring the local streets and enjoying the breath-taking natural beauty, Team ‘Kanak Kakan’ is making the most of their outdoor schedule. Shrabani and Sweta have bonded during the shoot and the girls are leaving no stone unturned to have some serious fun along with other girls in the gang.

Well, the storyline of ‘Kanak Kakan’ will feature a major twist. According to the recent track, Riya takes Akash (Raja) for a trip to a hill station and Rini joins them. Incidentally, Kanak, Kakan and Mithu (Sahamita) also visit the same place. But the romantic getaway becomes a horrifying experience.

Rudra's spirit wants revenge on Shankar Ganguly, Kakan and others. To avenge his death, Rudra's spirit enters Riya's body and thus begins a new battle with supernatural power.

But finally, Akash and Kakan approach and profess their feelings.