Himanshi Khurana from Bigg Boss 13: Asim is a good person and any girl would be happy to have a person like him in his life

Punjabi kudi from Bigg Boss 13, Himanshi Khurana He could have had a small season on the show, but the actress has been in the news since entering the house. From his rivalry with Shehnaz Gill to his bond with Shefali Jariwala and Asim Riaz, she constantly appeared in the headlines. However, his special friendship with his fellow contestants. Asim Riaz It was the most commented. In an exclusive conversation with Timesofindia.com, Himanshi talks about Asim's feelings and how he took care of her at the BB 13 house.

When I entered the house I didn't like Asim's flirtatious movements. At first, I even felt that it could be part of his game plan. But soon my friendship was won and now it is a pure bond. He did a lot for me, he took care of me when I was wrong. We defended ourselves when necessary and will continue my friendship with him even in the outside world, Himanshi said.

Speaking of Asim's feelings for her, the actress declared that she felt good to hear it and also that any girl would be happy to be with the handsome man, It felt good to hear those things about Asim. Sunne mein bahut accha lag raha Tha when he confessed his feelings for me. Any girl would feel lucky, if she gets a boy like Asim. I felt happy that my presence changed him as a person. He used to tell me, there are fights happening but I can only listen to music. He is a good person and any girl would be happy to have a person like him in his life. Asim was always there to help me and protect me, the actress shared.

When asked about his family's reaction to his proximity to Asim and if his fiance was fine with the proximity he shared in the house with Asim, Himanshi said: In the house, he only had Shefali and Asim with me. The atmosphere of the house was very negative. There were many fights and we were both attacked by people, I also got sick during that time, I approached Asim, but only as a friend. I don't think my family or partner feels bad. In fact, they would be happy to know that someone is there to take care of me. I don't think there's anything wrong. He expressed his feelings and I listened. Had he flirted with him or used his feelings for the game? , then I would have been wrong.