Bhaichung plays coach for Dev

Bhaichung Butia is one of Dev ’S favorite the players and the actor were excited when the striker became his soccer coach for an hour. On Sunday, Bhaichung taught the actor how to dribble, as Dev is going to play Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari - the father of Indian Football in Dhrubo Banerjee’s next, titled, Golondaaj. Just before taking the 9.30 flight to your hometown in Sikkim on Sunday, Bhaichung was at Salt Lake football ground to teach few football techniques to Dev. Yo soy practicing football for the last days but I faced some difficulties that I couldn't overcome. I want to look authentic as a soccer player on screen. So, taking advice from a soccer player like him was very important. When I said Bhaichung The problems I faced in coordinating the mind and body, solved it in a minute and taught me how to do it. Coordination between your mind and body, and with the other players is very important while playing football. He taught me how to do that. He asked me to buy a plastic soccer ball and practice at home. The session was more important to me mentally than physically. The advice he gave me is something that I will follow during the next month before the movie hits the ground. What I liked about him is his patience. I guess I asked him more than 50 questions about the game and he explained each one with a smile, ”said Dev.