I look a lot like Chhaya from 'Alo Chhaya', always bubbly: Oindrila Bose

The popular Bengali television series ‘ Alo Chhaya Recently he suffered a time jump, after which the children Alo and Chhaya have grown up Actress Oindrila Bose is playing the Chhaya which was earlier played by child artist Smriti Singh while Debadrita Basu Alo is playing (formerly played by Hiya Dey).

With long curls and a smile on her face, Chhaya is a chirpy girl and Oindrila is happy to play the role. In a candid adda, the bubbly actress poured her heart out with TimesofIndia.com.

She said, “I am in love with the character. She is always happy and full of life. Chhaya is bubbly, talkative and a bit immature at times. ”

The actress was asked to do an appearance test for the character in mid-November. Little did she know it will end that same day.

Oindrila said, “I was asked to attend the look set for Alo Chhaya . When Susanta da saw me with big curls and wearing Chhaya ’s costume, he finalized everything on that day. He briefed me the character. I knew it is a big responsibility. I have played a modern character in Shubho Dristi. I don’t want to look repetitive.”

Oindrila takes his projects very seriously and spends time thinking about his character on screen. She said: “Whether in movies or TV shows, I see the characters with a lot of passion. I try to find out if I can use any of the traits or habits of my character on the screen to give it an advantage.

Oindrila, who started her career after winning a beauty pageant in 2016, shared, she has many similarities with Chhaya. “I am much like her. I am always happy, love speaking with people and a bit emotional. But I think, I'm a little more mature than Chhaya, ”she giggled while sharing.

In the show, Chhaya shares a beautiful relationship with Alo. She (Alo) is Chhaya’s friend, sister, confidante and the person who is very much protective about her (Chhaya). On the other hand, Chhaya is somehow dependent on Alo. She can't take big decisions alone and seeks Alo’s suggestion. Chhaya’s father Alokendu forces, Alo to pursue higher studies on behalf of his daughter, who isn’t strong in academics. Chhaya and Alo have to exchange their identities once they step outside home. In college, Alo is Chhaya Adhikary and vice versa. Chhaya can't accept her father’s decision.

Oindrila says, “Alo has accepted that she is poor at academics. She doesn’t approve her father’s decision of forcing Alo to pursue higher studies on behalf of her. Chhaya wants to peruse fashion designing but her dad doesn’t want that. ”

The viewers were curious, whether Chhaya’s character has negative shades. Oindrila said, “Many people asked me whether Chhaya is a negative character. But trust me, it is a very positive character. Chhaya is innocent and very pure at heart. She feels bad for Alo. ”

But Unlike Chhaya, Oindrila is good at studies. She passed English Honors with flying colors this year and wishes to pursue higher studies.

Oindrila came to Calcutta to study. She participated in a beauty contest and that was her turning point. Malda's bubbly girl was flooded with modeling tasks. He received a call from the main channel and went on to play the lead role in Swapna Uran, followed by Shubho Drishti ’.

When talking about her acting career, the bubbly actress said: “Deep down I wanted to be an actress but I never thought that my dream would come true. I came to Kolkata to continue my graduation, but fate took me here. ”