Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 57: Raksha Somashekar is evicted

In the last episode of season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada, host Kiccha Sudeep begins the episode 'Super Sunday with Sudeep' by talking about the rules and regulations of the Bigg Boss house. He reports that one between Harish, Chaithra and Raksha will be evicted from the house.

Then he welcomes the contestants and talks to Deepika and Shine about their equation. Sudeep also asks Harish to imitate the legend Dr. Rajkumar.

Kiccha also interacts with the contestants and tells them about the rules and regulations of the Bigg Boss house. While talking about the rules and regulations, Sudeep warns some of the contestants not to communicate anything using hidden notes and secret codes to convey messages. He also mentions that they would be applied with a penalty if they continued to do so.

After an intense session, Sudeep begins the 'yes or no' session. Talk about the growing friendship between the contestants and ask them to answer their questions with only yes or no.

During the session, he also gave the housemates the opportunity to justify their answers. After the 'Yes or No' segment, Sudeep announces the eviction. Announces Raksha Somashekar as the evicted contestant.

Raksha says goodbye to everyone and wishes them good luck.

Bigg Boss asks Raksha to nominate a contestant directly for next week's elimination. She takes the name of Chandhan Achar.

Back on stage, Sudeep interacts with Raksha about his brief trip inside the house. He also interacts with his parents and asks their opinion about his daughter's trip at home.

Kiccha then shares an audiovisual cut of Raksha's journey that makes her emotional.

Sudeep wishes him luck in his future efforts and concludes the episode.