British Prime Minister Johnson visits the Hindu temple and promises to partner with Prime Minister Modi to build a new India

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris johnson has promised to partner with the prime minister Narendra Modi on his mission to build a new India, when he and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds visited a famous Hindu temple here to attract the votes of the Indian diaspora before the general elections on Thursday.

Dressed in a bright pink silk sari, Symonds, a 31-year-old conservationist, made her first official campaign tour on Saturday with Johnson, 55, in one of the UK's most famous temples, Mandir in Neasden, in the northwest . London .

Prime Minister Johnson vowed to partner with his Indian counterpart Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his mission to build a new India.

I know that Prime Minister Modi is building a new India. And we, in the UK government, will fully support you in your endeavor, said Johnson, whose ruling Conservative Party is currently leading opinion polls on the opposition Labor Party.

In an indirect reference to the anti-Indian position perceived by Labor on the issue of Kashmir, he noted: There can be no place for racism or anti-Indian sentiment of any kind in this country.

British Indians have played a vital role in helping conservatives win elections in the past. When I told this to Narendrabhai (Modi), he just laughed and said that the Indians are always on the winning side, said a tilak and a garland with Johnson.

In reference to the temple, he said, "This temple is one of the greatest gifts that the Hindu community has given to our country. It is brought to life by the amazing community spirit that inhabits it. You are giving back to our society through the great charitable work that you do. London and the UK are lucky to have you".

The event, which was also attended by the secretary of the Interior of the United Kingdom, Priti Patel, dressed in a sari, marked celebrations for what would have been the 98th birthday of Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj, president of Swaminarayan Sanstha.

He reiterated the party's commitment to introduce a new immigration procedure based on Australian-style points for a fairer visa system for migrants from around the world, including India.

The vote to leave the EU was a vote to regain control of our borders, and that is exactly what a conservative majority government will do by making Brexit take place and ending freedom of movement. Immigration will finally be subject to democratic control, Patel said. said.

In a letter sent to the nation on Sunday, Johnson says the new immigration system would allow them to facilitate the arrival of the world's brightest talent in the United Kingdom.

But it will establish new controls to ensure that less qualified immigrants only enter the United Kingdom if there is a specific shortage of workers and that their stay will only be temporary. Everyone who comes to the UK will contribute to our NHS from day one, that's fair, he writes.