Coyle sure to change things to make semis

Launching in ninth place in a 10-team league table seems odd to both champions and under the new coach Chennaiyin FC will definitely try to change things starting with the match against Jamshedpur FC at JRD Tata Sports Complex Ground on Monday.

Speaking at his first press meeting as the new head coach of Chennaiyin, Owen coyle He made his new assignment, saying: I think there is no doubt that the club has a very good position, former champions as you know. After being champions, it was a disappointing campaign last season and then, they had a relatively slow start this year given the club's position. That said, I think there is certainly enough time to change that.

In illustrating his impressions of the league as a whole, the Scotsman added: I have always been a fan of the league for many years because many colleagues and friends have worked here. When you are a soccer lover, you take stock of all the leagues in the world, especially the emerging ones that ISL is.

The former Burnley and Bolton Wanderers The boss revealed that he was already aware of the quality of the equipment he has. After seeing the league and looking at the players, I think the club has a good team. This season there have been many draws. This shows that if you can gain momentum and get some consecutive victories, you can put it back on the table. We have a lot of work to do, but I really think we can reach the semifinals. And once you do it, you are able to be champions. The first objective is to start winning games and try to do it constantly and move up in the league.

Praising their opponents Jamshedpur FC he said, I do recognize that there are a lot of good opponents in the league. We start against a very good team with some fantastic individual players. So, we are very respectful of the opponents because we think they we have with an understanding of how good they are, but also believing in the group that we have. If we are at our very best, then we can win the game , said 53-year-old manager.