CPM leader Yousuf Tarigami says that the situation in J&K as an Emergency says that no minister visited J&K to access crop loss

NEW DELHI: The CPM leader said on Sunday that the prevailing situation was similar to Emergency and said that the current silence at gunpoint cannot be considered normal.

The 72-year-old leader was arrested after J&K's special status was revoked on August 5. It was brought from Srinagar under police escort on September 9 and admitted to a first-rate medical institute, where he is being held under the guard of the Delhi and J&K police.

“There is no freedom to write and speak and it seems that people in the valley have no freedom to see. There are restrictions everywhere, the current situation is best described as an emergency, said Tarigami, a member of the CPM central committee, on Sunday.

Silence at gunpoint in the valley cannot be considered normal, he said, making an emotional appeal that the people of Kashmir also have the right to live and live like the rest of the Indians.

Pitching for the compensation of Kashmir’s farmers, Tarigami said that while extensive damage had been caused to the apple crop, even apple trees had been destroyed, leading to considerable long term damage. He also said 40% of the was not lifted in time and has been damaged. “Despite this, not even a junior minister from Delhi has come to visit Srinagar to access the extent of damage done. How do you expect to make the feel a part of India when this is the treatment meted out to them, ”he said.