Prime Minister Modi reiterates the role of effective surveillance in women's security

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Sunday, he emphasized the need for a change of police image to inspire confidence in all sections, including women and children. He also emphasized how important effective surveillance was for women to feel safe.

The stress put on by Modi during his farewell address at the DGP/IGP conference in Pune, about making the police more friendly with citizens, is caused by two recent cases of sexual violence against women reported by Telangana and UP. In one of these cases, where a young veterinarian in Hyderabad was burned to death after being allegedly caught, the four defendants arrested were shot dead by Hyderabad police in a meeting days after the crime.

Modi commended on Sunday the chiefs of police of all states, particularly J&K and UP, as well as the central paramilitary forces for keeping the country safe and free from incidents following the repeal of Article 370 in J&K and the verdict.

Earlier, Interior Minister Amit Shah, in his keynote address at the conference, underlined the government's resolution to initiate changes in the Criminal Procedure Code to make them more conducive to the current democratic configuration. He described the conference as a Vaicharik Kumbh, in which the country's main police officers come together on a platform to formulate political decisions related to national security.

Prime Minister Modi attended the Conference of General Directors/Inspectors General of India from All India-2019.

This year, a PMO statement said, 11 central groups brainstormed on aspects such as terrorism, naxalism, coastal security, cyber threats, the fight against radicalization in the digital age, narcoterrorism, border protection , the improvement of forensic capabilities and. Modi praised the police on Sunday for generating good contributions for policy planning and implementation, and emphasized the emergence of concrete results of the finalized action points.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the way in which the DGP/IGP conference had been transformed from a one-day meeting to a three-day brainstorm since 2015. Unlike before, when the police met only in Delhi, the conference was taken to different parts of the country Even the format of the conference changed with the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister involved in the discussions.

Under the new format, DGP committees are established in the pre-conference period to formulate the contours of the presentations, which focus on contemporary security threats. During the conference, work sessions are held to further refine policy issues.

Modi urged the heads of police departments on Sunday to bring the spirit of the conference to the police station. After listening to the presentations of different state police forces, he suggested that all states and UT prepare and adopt a complete list of best practices.

The Prime Minister also commented that technology was an effective weapon to ensure proactive surveillance that also took into account the feedback of the common man.