The president and secretary of AICF convene separate GBM

Chennai, December 7 () Not all is well between the two main officials of the All India Chess Federation (AICF) with President P R Venketrama Raja requesting a special meeting of the general body on December 22 to discuss various issues.

Raja's decision to call a special GBM was after AICF secretary Bharath Singh Chauhan did the same to discuss several issues, including the federation's early elections.

Chauhan had wanted to celebrate the special GBM in Gurugram on December 22, while Raja called the meeting on December 14 in Chennai.

Chauhan said he expected the meeting called by him to continue as scheduled.

I hope so, he said about the meeting called by him.

If you ask me, I will say that chess will prevail, Chauhan said when asked about Raja canceling the meeting called by him.

It is known that Raja had canceled a couple of days ago the meeting of the central council convened by Chauhan and had also issued a justified cause notice to his secretary.

He also called the meeting convened by Chauhan on December 22 as unauthorized. The AICF president and secretary have disagreed on several issues, including issues related to the operation of the Bengal Chess Association. SS PDS PDS