India and Sweden can collaborate in efforts to mitigate climate change, says minister

Mumbai, December 8 () A high-ranking Swedish minister said that the United States finally giving up the Paris Climate Agreement provides a great opportunity for Stockholm and New Delhi to give an example to the rest of the world about the need for collaborative efforts to meet the challenges of climate change.

The Swedish Minister of Business, Industry and Innovation, Ibrahim Baylan, believes that such collaboration between the two nations is very possible due to the many shared values ​​and the democratic framework in which both countries operate. This can help fill the void created by the formal withdrawal from the US. UU. of the covenant greatly, feel.

With the United States withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and now that we receive reports daily on how the climate is changing and the number of people migrating, it is necessary that India and Sweden collaborate and set a good example worldwide for the transition to sustainable growth , Baylan said in an interaction during his visit to the city in the middle of last week as part of the royal entourage.

It should be remembered that last month, the United States had formally announced its decision to leave the singer of the Paris Climate Agreement by former President Barack Obama. The Donald Trump administration also formally submitted the corresponding notification to the United Nations.

Trump had stated that the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement was made due to the unfair economic burden imposed on American workers, businesses and taxpayers.

Baylan notes that there are almost 100 million refugees worldwide and if no action is taken at this time, this number will increase to one billion, which is cause for concern.

If so many people start moving out of their land, it will create conflicts on a scale we have not seen before, the minister warned.

The minister also said that at a time when there are discussions about the transition of pollution and climate change problems that will affect economic growth, it is necessary for India and Sweden to take urgent initiatives in the right direction.

We still have the global debate whether we should do (the transition) or not. Those who are against the transition argue that it will lead to job cuts and growth slowdown. But I think that together we could make the transition and at the same time, develop the economy and create new jobs, Baylan said.

He also said that some of the challenges facing India are different, but the intention and direction in which the federal government works is the same as Sweden, which works for the benefit of its citizens.

Somehow we have an exchange here, but I think we still have opportunities and possibilities to change our path and that is how innovation can drive change and development. We have to change the ways since the direction is the same, Baylan said. PSK BEN DP MR MR