Indian-American lawmaker presents Congress resolution on Kashmir

WASHINGTON: The Indian-American congresswoman has presented a Congress urging India to end communications restrictions as quickly as possible and preserve religious freedom for all residents.

The resolution, presented in the House of Representatives after several weeks of Jayapal's efforts, has only one co-sponsor: Republican Congressman Steve Watkins of Kansas. It is a simple resolution, which cannot be voted on in the other chamber, the Senate, and has no force of law.

Prior to the introduction of the resolution, Native Americans throughout the United States urged it in various settings against it. It is believed that his office received more than 25,000 emails from American Indians, in addition to in-person meetings of various representations of American Indians.

The American Indians made peaceful demonstrations in front of their office against their decision to present the resolution on Kashmir.

The resolution urges India to lift the remaining restrictions on communication and restore Internet access throughout Jammu and Kashmir as quickly as possible.

While acknowledging the serious security challenges facing India in Jammu and Kashmir and the continuing threat of state-supported cross-border terrorism, the resolution urges India to refrain from the use of threats and excessive force against detainees and protesters peaceful.

It requests India to quickly release arbitrarily detained persons and to refrain from conditioning the release of detained persons by their willingness to sign bonds that prohibit political activities and speeches.

The resolution states that there is photographic evidence indicating that detainees must sign bonds that prohibit them from making statements or participating in political activities as a condition for their release. India has denied these accusations.

India argues that the repeal of was its internal matter. He claims that the government's measure to revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir will bring lasting peace in the region.